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Type 1 Cutting Wheels

Type 1 Cutting Wheels

TAILIN Type 1 Cutting Wheels manufactures wide range of type 1 reinforced cutting wheel for all applications, with high performance, cutting speed blade life.

TAILIN Type 1 Cutting Wheels are used on pneumatic mini cutter, angle grinder, circular saws, portable chop saws, sationary saws, high speed saws and street saws.

TAILIN Type 1 Cutting Wheels are constructed of qualify abrasive grains; unique weave of extra high tensile fiber glass reinforcing and specially formulated resin bonds, offering a realible performance and safety strength.

                 Size                              Max. R.P.M.                Standard Packing                                 N.W.                   G.W.            MESMT
mm inches Low Speed 80 m/s (1g) 80 m/s (2g) 100 m/s PCS/SINGLE PCS/INNER BOX PCS/CARTON KGS/CARTON KGS/CARTON CFT
75x0.8x9.53 3x1/32x3/8     25,000 25 100 500 5.7 6.8 03.1