Wheel Loading
(Loading is when material becomes lodged in and on the abrasive grain)

  • Incorrect wheel specification (too fine grain)
  • Change wheel specification to coarser grit

Wheel Glazing
(Glazing is when exposed grain becomes dull and no new sharp grains are exposed)

  • Incorrect wheel
  • Faulty operation
  • Use coarser grit size
  • Soft bond for hard material - hard bond for softer material

Wheel Breakage

  • Wheel has been damaged in handling
  • Wheel is jamming

WARNING: Stop all operations. Take time to solve the problem. If it persist, call your local representative.


  • Too much side load pressure



  • Too much wheel pressure on work surface
  • Wheel jams in work surface
  • Improper wheel mounting
  • Wheel speed too high

Slow Cut Rate

  • Not enough power
  • Contact area too large
  • Grit too fine
  • Wheel too hard
  • Increase pressure on feed rate
  • Reduce contact area
  • Use coarser grit
  • Use softer, thinner wheel
  • Check machine spindle.

Work piece Burn

  • Wheel too coarse
  • Insufficient feed rate
  • Wheel too hard
  • Use finer grit
  • Try working machine at maximum power
  • Go to softer grade wheel

Non-Square Cuts

  • Work not properly secured
  • Worn spindle bearings
  • Wheel too hard
  • Check clamps and remove residue from cuts
  • Check spindle and alignment
  • Use softer wheel

Short Wheel Life

  • Wheel too soft
  • Use harder bond